Digitalization being the core of smart cities necessitates the deployment of WiFi hotspots at public places to provide Free and Secured internet to people. This helps an growing economy to facilitate the participation in services of digital governance and oppotunities of digital learning, health & banking etc. Public Wi-Fi can also provide vital support in disaster response efforts to communities with minimal resources.

WiJungle's NextGen secured hotspot gateway appliance makes it easy for authorities to deliver and manage the wireless internet services across universities/colleges/schools, metro stations, airports, bus stands, public vehicles, parks, stadiums, tourist places and other important spots in the city. Dream of connected communities to deepen access to information can only be achieved with simple access to completely/partially free internet. Hence the growing need to handle data burdens, governments in association with enterprieses have to setup large no. of such successful 24*7 up and running spots.


WiJungle Access Management allows smart cities to give internet to people via Broadband/Fiber Line connection. Multi port appliance with VLAN feature gives the flexibility to manage interface properties. With the inbuilt database as well as AD/Radius integration it provides the option to authenticate & authiorize several guest users at a time based on User, MAC and IP policies.

Smart city projects across the globe can give easy access to public WiFi by opting the best suitable captive portal. WiJungle offers 10+ different intuitive captive portals with option of monetization. Authentication of users can be done via local db, active directory, radius server and can authorized for free or paid or combo.

Bandwidth management is essential for smart city WiFi in order to ensure best availability of speed to each user. Feature to limit data and speed usage along with the time makes this task quite easier. One can allot different speed, data & time usage policies to user based on their paid plan.

Content filtering gives the freedom to governments to block predefined or manually created category of Websites, IP, Port, Keyword and Application in order to lower down the data usage as well to restrict target audience from accessing unwanted content. With WiJungle, time based blocking of websites helps to manage things more prominently.

Load balancer manages two or more WAN networks and delivers the combined bandwidth output in the network. This makes sure the higher uptime of internet. Smart City/Government WiFi projects can involve two or more ISP vendors and can allot traffic preference in ratio or by choosing active and backup line. WiJungle smoothly manages the fail over and diverts the traffic.

Authorities can set the combination of free and paid internet plan. After the allowed free time or data, users can be redirected to choose paid cashless package and make payment to further continue the access. Multiple payment gateway options can be integrated to easen the process. Also to have the option of cash payment, user can collect the printed voucher code slips from helpdesks/booth and pay the package amount.

Set different captive portals at different locations of city. WiJungle gives the facility to personalise the login page and customise the captive form fields. Our design responsiveness eliminates the need to create different captives for mobiles, tabs and laptops.

WiJungle makes it easy for people to use the internet. Guests can directly connect their devices - laptops, mobiles without configuring any network settings and access the internet.

WiJunle being an advanced gateway solutions saves your internal network from all types of DoS attacks and DNS spoofing and hence keep the network smooth and secure. Its offers facility of Natting, Port Forwarding, DNS Forwarder & Redirection, Static/Dynamic Routes, Bypass Websites, OSPF, BGP, RIP, FQDN etc.

WiJungle Anti-Virus scans a packet on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, POP ports and blocks the file based on their type. Large database of signatures with automatic update via cloud ensures the continues increase in security. System also stores the threat logs with action.

Social media being the important tool of marketing can be used to increase organic page reach and engagement. WiJungle Social Media Engagement feature puts forth the ption of FB Checkin, Like, Google Review just after the login.

Authorities can create multiple customized forms to collect the feedback from the guests. They can see the response and generated analytics to bring change/improvisation in services.

Making and storing guests surfing logs to handle easy tracking. WiJungle is the only appliance in its segment which gives inbuilt logs storage facility for a complete period of 1 year along with searchable feature. This reduces the cumbersome of taking backups bimonthly or monthly and enhances security.

Wijungle makes you available the pre configured SMS gateway with unlimited authentication SMS. WiJungle also leases out the option to configure a custom gateway to send promotional messages to guests. It also facilitates you to manage out different templates.

This unique feature has brought many laurals to WiJungle. Government and Smart City authorities can configure and manage multiple access points through WiJungle Admin Dashboard. Currently supported access points are Engenius, Ruckus, TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear. One can also put APs and other networking devices under alert with complete reporting.

This allows to set session time for every user group so that network works smoothly. It also records the session history of every individual users which can be searched out based on the Id/Name/Mobile/Voucher/IP/Mac.

WiJungle Guest/Customer Personalization is the most sophisticated feature and the backbone of public WiFi. Adminsitrator can also configure the thank you SMS, which can be sent out to guests after check out. Also guests can be wished on special/festive days and thus keeping them in touch with governance and make them feel personal.

IDPS is necessary to detect and prevent attacks from within the network. WiJungle has 25000+ default signatures along with the auto update feature. Admins can create their own custom signatures & policies as well. Its IPS system suggests what is Recommended or to allow or drop packets.

Alert Management helps to alert the users so that end moment hurdles dont come the way. It helps to alert users when a certain data limit is consumed/over. It also notifies them for renews and voucher expiries. Also for administrators, it helps them to get notification on platforms like Skype, Trello, Slack, Flock, Email and Telegram etc if in case any of the internet line or LAN line or important devices are down along with many other prominent services.

User convenience is what matters to us most. WiJungle offers seamless roaming for users so that they dont have to authenticate when they move from wired network to wireless network of premise or vice versa.

WiJungle team can always be requested out for Third Party Application Integration.

What makes us stand apart is our User Friendly GUI. Its so simple and elegant that even a non technical person can govern and operate it. WiJungle gives the english translation of every network configuration you set. Now SMEs dont need a special network/tech guy to operate it. And hence HR cost can be cut out.

WiJungle Team can be requested out for personalised development of a feature.