All-In-One appliance offers the capabilities of NextGen Network Firewall Security (NGFW)/ Unified Threat Management (UTM), Hotspot Gateway, Web Application Firewall (WAF) etc. under the 'Make In India' label. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled appliance helps businesses to seamlessly manage and safeguard their entire network through a single window.

Wide range of models serve small, medium and large businesses across verticals like Enterprises, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, BFSI, Transport, Retail, Defence, Smart City, Real Estates and Events etc.

It is a Government Of India recognized appliance for product, process innovation and service improvisations. And as per CIO Review, it is under the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Product of 2018. More importantly it has been awarded among the Most Innovative Product Of The Year 2018 by DSCI, a NASSCOM initiative. This year, WiJungle won the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award Of The Year 2019 in Cyber Security Category for Middle East, Africa and South Asia Region.

Data Leakage Prevention
DLP being a crucial demand by organizations comes with granular control and in depth reporting. Data leakage prevention of WiJungle UTM Firewall gives the priviledge to control transfer of important data on HTTPS/HTTP/FTP/P2P & other file sharing applications. It blocks attachments over email and other functionalities like cc, bcc etc. In addition, one can also restrict chat conversations based on pre-defined keywords and file transfer over Instant Messaging Apps.
Content Filtering
WiJungle NextGen Firewall's Content filtering offers the freedom to block predefined and manual Web, IP, Keyword, Port, Application category to restrict the content on internal network. This way organizations stop the excessive data utilization and maintain organization's sanity.
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment is one of the exclusive feature of WiJungle Unified Threat Management. It helps organizations to scan and figure out the possible vulnerabilities on each of their IT asset. The summary and detailed reports gives the vulnerability score of each asset and suggest possible solutions to mitigate them.
Bandwidth Management & Quality Of Service
Bandwidth management is among one of the most crucial demanded feature by businesses. Feature to limit data and speed usage along with the time makes the user management quite easier. Organisations can allot different speed, data and FUP usage policies to users/guests based on their profile/room type. In addition, Quality Of Service (QoS) helps to prioritize bandwidth for a particular application type over the others.
Load Balancing & Link Aggregation
Load balancer manages two or more WAN networks and delivers the combined bandwidth output in the network. Organizations can allot the traffic weightage/preferences to links like 1:2/primary and secondary so that bandwidth utilisation takes place in the same way. WiJungle UTM smoothly manages the fail over and diverts the traffic. Link aggregation/bonding facility helps in combining and delivering the bandwidth of two or more MPLS on a single machine.
High Availablity
To ensure an agreed level of operational performance, usually uptime, organizations can use an additional appliance to manage the hardware failure. WiJungle Firewall gives you the option to run the two appliances in active-active and active-backup mode with stateful failover.
User/Guest Management
It offers the option to cluster the guests/users into groups and apply different policies. One can also set specific policies, simulaneous logins and session inactivity differently for each user. It also enables the facility to import and export guests/user data, which inturn makes migration easy. WiJungle Firewall's Guest/user Management is relient with both roaming users like guests and fixed users like staff members. It gives the option to block, activate and dynamically switch a user from one group to another. Certain properties like restricting user based on Device and OS type offers an extra edge to enterprises for security. Administrators can also set auto-expiry for each user with facility to automatically send Username and Password of newly created user or user groups on their respective emails and contact number.
Anti-Malware and Ransomware Protection
Anti-Virus/Malware of WiJungle UTM Firewall scans a packet on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, POP ports and blocks the file based on their type. Large database of signatures with automatic update via cloud ensures the continues increase in security. System also stores the threat logs with action.
Intrusion Detection & Prevention System
IDPS is necessary to detect and prevent attacks from within and outside the network. WiJungle Firewall has 25000+ default signatures along with the auto update feature. Admins can also create their custom IPS signatures and Rules. One can set the action to allow or drop packets.
Mail protection being the need of hour, Anti-Spam module of WiJungle does the inbound and outbound scanning of packets, real time white/black listing of IP & domain and MIME header check.
Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network or VPN helps different branches to connect and work like a Local Area Network. WiJungle Unified Threat Management offers both Remote and Site-Site VPN. Support to SSL, PPTP, IPSec and L2TP VPN with encryptions (3DES, DES, AES, Twofish, Blowfish and Serpent) and hash algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2) helps organizations to establish a more secured connection.
Access Management
WiJungle Firewall Access Management offers robust Authentication, Authorization and Accounting feature to manage several users at a time. With the inbuilt database it provides the option to authenticate and authorise host based on User, MAC and IP policies. It also supports integrations with AD, Radius, MySQL databases. It has PAP and CHAP support.
Network Management
Through WiJungle NextGen Firewall, one can easily manage the WAN and LAN interfaces. They can run the physical LAN interfaces in bridge (just like switch or home router) and individual mode (different network properties on all the interfaces) along with the option to add VLAN on each interface. It also provides the facility of MAC Whitelist/Blacklist, Clientless Device, IP-MAC Bind, NAT and LAN Rules, Static nad Dynamic Routes, Port Forwarding, FQDN, Bypass sites, Packet Capturing and Monitoring. It also prevents all types of DoS attacks and DNS spoofing.
Surfing and Threat Logs
Storing user surfing logs helps organizations to handle easy tracking. WiJungle Firewall is the only appliance in its segment which gives inbuilt logs storage facility for almost a period of 1 year along with searchable feature. This reduces the cumbersome of taking mandatory backups bimonthly or monthly and enhances security. IT Managers can search the logs based on time, website, IP, Mac and user basis. One can take the auto backup of internal logs on their cloud/local servers for duplicacy.
System Management
WiJungle Firewall leverages the option to make a backup or to erase the current configuration along with the option to restore any of the past configuration. It also provides you the facility to take the auto/manual backup of your user and threat logs month wise on your desktop or to a storage server. Also offers the facility to create super customizable dashboard and child admins, enable remote access with schedule for allwed public IPs, set firmware update settings, Time Zones, Alert Management, SMTP Email Settings and check system Analytics.
Reporting and Monitoring
Complete reporting of all the essential parameters in highly user friendly way makes it easy for admins to keep track of the network. Section wise Analytics of Internet, User, Content Logging, Social, Threat and System simplies and provide in-depth data about each. WiJungle UTM Firewall also has a unique features of Activity Timeline to track all the major activities happening across the network in most lucid way and troubleshoot the arising issues.
Voucher & PMS/HIS Management
Create and generate room/ based vouchers for vistors or guests and hand over the printables while check-in. Extensive Voucher Management of WiJungle Hotspot Gateway also helps organizations to generate event based vouchers for Conference rooms/Banquet halls. Guest's self registration aligns tracking their activities with corresponding voucher id. It also provides the facility to integrate it with Property Management System (PMS)/Hospital Information System (HIS) easily to self generate User Id and Password based login.
Intuitive Captive Portal Capabilities
WiJungle unified (Firewall+Hotspot Gateway) provides more than 15 different captive portals for fixed and roaming users. WiJungle gives the facility to personalise the login page and customise the captive form fields along with option to show advertisement and implement redirection to social media, Promotional video/image and brand pages after authentication. Our design responsiveness eliminates the need to create different captives for mobiles and laptops.
Zero-Network Configuration
WiJungle makes it easy for guests to use the internet. Guests can directly connect their devices - laptops, mobiles without configuring any network settings and access the internet.
Feedback Management
Organizations can create multiple customized forms to collect the feedback from their employees/guests. They can see the response and generated analytics to bring change/improvisation in services.
AP/Device Management
This unique feature has brought many laurals to WiJungle. It helps organizations to configure and manage multiple access points through WiJungle Admin Dashboard. Currently supported access points are various models of Engenius, Ruckus etc. One can also put APs and other networking devices under alert with complete reporting.
Prepaid/Postpaid Billing
Proper Accouting/Billing Internet usage is highly required in hotels. With WiJungle the biiling based on exact data usage maximizes the revenues of hotels. Both prepaid and postpaid billings are possible.
Social Media Engagement
Social media is one of the most important tools of marketing. WiJungle Social Media Engagement feature puts forth the ption of FB Checkin, Like, Google Review just after the login. Its helps guests to easily locate your place and at the very same time increases your organic page reach and engagement.
SMS Gateway Integration
Wijungle makes you available the pre configured SMS gateway with unlimited authentication SMS (only in India). WiJungle also leases out the option to configure a custom gateway to send promotional messages to guests. It also facilitates you to manage out different templates.
Guest Personalization
WiJungle Guest/Customer/Patient Personalization is the most sophisticated feature and the backbone of hospitality/Retail/HeathCare. WiJungle gives the feature to alert the administrator whenever a guest/patient is having his birthday. In addition to that administrator has the option to set a template or send customised birthday wish SMS to them automatically. Adminsitrator can also configure the thank you SMS, which can be sent out to guests after check out. Also guests/users can be wished on special/festive days and thus keeping them in touch with hotels and make them feel personal.
Location Aware Access
WiJungle makes the internet access management within a hotspot region simple and diversified. One can set different captive portals on different VLAN locations to access internet making the user management quite easier. Facility to Restrict access internet across VLANs turns out to be an additional promise to secure network.
Alert Management
Alert Management helps to alert the guests/users so that end moment hurdles dont come the way. It helps to alert users when a certain data limit is consumed/over. It also notifies them for renews and voucher expiries. MAC based auto notify is a boon for users/guests to alert them if network is available.
Third Party Integration
WiJungle team can always be requested out for Third Party Application Integration.
Highly User Friendly GUI
What makes us stand apart is our User Friendly GUI. Its so simple and elegant that even a non technical person can govern and operate it. WiJungle NextGenFirewall gives the english translation of every network configuration you set. Now universities dont need a special network/tech guy to operate it. And hence HR cost can be cut out.
Package Management
Different hourly/daily internet packages can be created and assigned to guests/users with the auto/manual renewal. Package management eases the creation of Banquet Halls/Conference room plans/auditoriums.
Personalised Development
WiJungle Team can be requested out for personalised development of a feature.
Seamless Roaming
User convenience is what matters to us most. WiJungle offers seamless roaming for users so that they dont have to authenticate when they move from wired network to wireless network of premise or vice versa.
1. Both UTM/Firewall and Hotspot Gateway features in a single appliance.

2. Most affordable product in its segment with lowest renewals.

3. On renewal, all features continue to work. Only updates and support will stop.

4. 24*7 Free Call and Email Support with Advance Replacement of Hardware.

5. Inbuilt storage of User logs for a period of 1 year along with search option.

6. Unlimited Free Authentication SMS (India Only).

7. Supreme Quality Robust hardware.

8. Auto-Feature update via cloud.

9. Intuitive captive portals with social media engagement and other advertisement option.

10. PMS/HIS/third party integration and custom development provision.

11. WiJungle is a location aware product, hence offers granular management.

12. Real time activity notifications.

13. Highly User Friendly GUI. Even a non technical can configure it easily with Help Guide present inside every feature.