Smart City's WiFi Hotspots

Smart City's WiFi Hotspot Management Solution

Digitalization being the core of smart cities necessitates the deployment of WiFi hotspots at public places to provide Free and Secured internet to people. This helps an growing economy to facilitate the participation in services of digital governance and oppotunities of digital learning, health & banking etc. Public Wi-Fi can also provide vital support in disaster response efforts to communities with minimal resources.

WiJungle's NextGen secured hotspot gateway appliance makes it easy for authorities to deliver and manage the wireless internet services across universities/colleges/schools, metro stations, airports, bus stands, public vehicles, parks, stadiums, tourist places and other important spots in the city. Dream of connected communities to deepen access to information can only be achieved with simple access to completely/partially free internet. Hence the growing need to handle data burdens, governments in association with enterprieses have to setup large no. of such successful 24*7 up and running spots.


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