Shopping Malls

Network Solution For Single & Chain of Retail Stores/Shopping Malls.

The increasing mall culture in the world brings a lot of people to malls, brand stores, and showrooms each day to shop, eat and enjoy. As per a statistical, the number of mobile phone users is expected to cross around 5 billion by 2019. A major section of population visiting malls carry their mobile phones and are in search of high-quality internet services to share pictures, send data, mails and lot of other tasks.

Majority of the malls understood the needs of the customer and are already providing wifi internet access to enable people to stay connected with the world. Most of the shopping malls and similar places offer free wifi services with additional time-limits per user. They also try to attract customers with various landing pages depicting offers, discounting information, coupons, posts, social media pages etc.

The challenge for the mall management is to provide services to thousands of people with utmost security measures and speed benefits. We help the malls to provide safe and secured internet solutions with high speed accessibility, bandwidth distribution, attractive and lucrative landing pages etc. We provide highly economic services which are in accordance with the architecture, premises, needs and control demands.


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