Network Solution For Single & Chain of Hotels/Resorts/Cafes/Restaurants/Pubs

The hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, lounges and pubs. The statistics and surveys narrate the ever increasing frequency of people getting served by the hospitality sector round the globe. This sector holds the customers before everything else and aims to deliver certain finest services to assure maximum customer satisfaction.

The people visiting restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. demand a continuous access to high-speed internet. According to a statistical record, the people exploring these places all around the globe enquire for the availability of Wi-Fi Services before reserving their places. This is categorically a basic amenity in today’s time.

Such places look for solution serving as a WiFi Hotspot Gateway to manage internet accessibility, reasonable bandwidth distribution, and unified billing system for their guests. Public Wi-fi services without satisfactory authenticity and activity log details might cause network congestion, uneven bandwidth consumption and cyber crime possibilities. This raises a demand for an optimum internet solution with complete authenticity, user-friendly functionality along with revenue support.


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