WiJungle SSL VPN Client

It helps the user remotely access the corporate network from anywhere, anytime. It provides the ability to create point-to-point encrypted tunnels between remote user and the organization’s Internal network. A combination of SSL certificates and username/password is required to get a secure access. Remote users can be given Identity-based secure access of resources deployed in the Internal network, or can access the Internet through the VPN tunnel.

  • WiJungle SSL Client

WiJungle Authentication Suite (WAS)

It is the Clientless Single Sign On (SSO) for WiJungle Identity-based UTM appliances. It authenticates users to access multiple applications through a single username and password. It also eliminates the installation of SSO clients on each workstation and delivers a high level of protection. By eliminating the need to remember different passwords for each application, WAS delivers high ease-of-use to end-users, higher levels of security in addition to lowering operational costs. All the applications are supported as per the application access policy within WiJungle UTM. Re-authentication is not required in order to access these applications. The users from Active Directory or Novell eDirectory can be authenticated.