About Treasure Island Next:

Treasure island Next Mall, located at Indore is part of Nexus Group of Malls. Nexus Malls is the India's retail portfolio of world's leading investment firm The Blackstone Group. Treasure island Next Mall promises you the most convenient and indulgent shopping experience with state-of-the-art fashion brands and mouthwatering cuisine. This shopper's paradise offers extremely hassle-free transport making it the hub of retail experiences in Indore. Treasure island Next Mall is all set to make Indore, Madhya Pradesh's Fashion Capital.


With the opening of new mall, management was seeking for a robust security product with round the clock support. Incorporating their past experience with multiple other solutions, Naman Mall Management - parent organization of Next Treasure Island opted to deploy WiJungle as a NextGen Firewall for Cyber Threat Prevention


Out of the 40+ Prime Features, below have been majorly used at TI to achieve the required.

  • User/Mac/IP Based Policies
    TI Next implemented user based authentication & authorization for their staff to govern internet. In parallel they configured MAC and IP based policies to give internet access to surveillance cameras & EPABX.

  • Network & Interface Management
    It facilitated TI Next to establish Port Forwarding Connection, create NAT Rules, IP-MAC Bind, DNS Forwarding, Static Routes and bypass sites etc. This also provided the option to manage all physical and logical interfaces individually.

  • Virtual Private Network
    TI next needed the Site-Site VPN to connect to old Treasure Island Mall. Using IPSec VPN the secured tunnel was established to solve the purpose. In addition, admin can also use SSL, PPTP and L2TP VPNs if required.

  • Content Filtering
    As WiJungle is a UTM + Hotspot Gateway so the ability to block pre-defined and manually created categories of Websites, IP, Port, Keyword and Applications made it easy for TI Next to restrict their mall staff from putting their time to unwanted content.

  • Bandwidth Management
    Bandwidth management feature to limit data and speed usage along with the time cuts down the unnecessary consumption of resources. This helped them to allot different speed, data and FUP usage policies to user systems based on their profile.

  • Load Balancing
    The need to balance traffic through two different ISP links made it easy for TI Next to have higher uptime. The Active-Active and Active-Backup mode gave them the flexibility to configure it as per their way.

  • Anti-Virus with Ransomware Protection
    WiJungle's Gateway Anti-Virus gave them the option to scans packets on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, POP ports and blocks the file based on their type. Large database of more than 25000+ default signatures with automatic update via cloud ensured the greater security. Storage of threat logs with action helped them with better analysis.

  • Anti-Spam
    Mail protection being the need of hour, Anti-Spam module of WiJungle does the inbound and outbound scanning of packets, real time white/black listing of IP & domain with MIME header check.

  • Intrusion Prevention System
    IDPS module to detect and prevent attacks from within and outside the network. Along with auto updating feature of default signatures, admins can also create their custom IPS signatures & Rules and set the action to allow or drop packets.

  • Reporting & Monitoring
    The inbuilt storage facility to keep surfing logs for a period of 1 year along with search-ability made it easy to handle tracking. Packet Capturing and IP summary features helped them to keep a closed eye on the source and destination of traffic. In depth reports of internet, session and system gave them a concrete picture of real time situations..

  • Alert Management
    This made easy for TI Next to instantly receive all important event notifications over mail and telegram. It also made the downtime monitoring of their networking devices like IP Camera, EPABX, Switches and Access Points etc possible with reports.