About FDDI:

Footwear Design & Development, an institute of national importance is popularly known as FDDI. It conducts a range of professional courses in the area of Retail Management, Footwear Design, Technology, Management, Fashion Merchandising, Business Management, Visual Merchandizing, Marketing, Creative Designing & CAD/CAM and Leather Goods & Accessories Design etc. The long-term courses are of two to three years duration.


Footwear Design and Development Institute needed a next generation on-site product to protect internal users i.e Staff, Administration, Students etc and the external guests/visitors in the most optimized way. WiJungle being the pioneer of Unified Network Security Gateway and due to its industry wise specialization fulfilled the demanded features and functionalities of FDDI during technical evaluation phase.


WiJungle was required to serve below functionalities in the best possible way to bring astonishing experience –

  • Intrusion Prevention System
    As WiJungle already had FIAS based integration with WinHMS, hence we delivered it to generate guest internet access credentials and activate defined policies as and when check-ins would be made.

  • Gateway Anti-Virus
    WiJungle gives the option to login with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter along with facebook page integration for Checkin and Like purpose. We delivered it to Hycinth for smooth guest internet access in restaurant & spa area.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
    WiJungle being a location aware & device aware appliance, remembers the last login of guests and simply allow them to login automatically if they are inside the network.

  • Content Filtering
    As WiJungle is a UTM + Hotspot Gateway so the ability to block pre-defined and manually created categories of Websites, IP, Port, Keyword and Applications made it easy for Hycinth Management to restrict their staff members from consuming unnecessary data and bandwidth.

  • User/Mac/IP Based Policies
    Extensive Support for User, IP, MAC & interface based policies helped Hycinth to bypass authentication via MAC whitelist/Clientless and apply easy policies on their Cameras and other trusted devices.

  • Location Aware Captive Portals
    WiJungle offers 10 different captive portals to manage fixed and guest users. The flexibility to customize each of the captive portal helped them to outshine their brand. In addition, the various alternatives of redirection facility after login like showcasing Image/Video gave Hycinth an edge to vouch greater value.

  • Network Routing & Forwarding
    The option to create multiple customized feedback form for various sections like Restaurant, Spa etc. helped Hycinth to collect concrete responses and generate analytics for required improvement.

  • Privileged tagging for VIP Customer
    The urge to give special treatment and care to VIP guest through tagging helped Hycinth to automatically assign higher internet plans on their visit.

  • Bandwidth Management & QoS
    This comprises of restriction on data, speed and time. Applying B/W policies becomes must in a guest network to reduce the unnecessary consumption and maintain the smoother packet flow.

  • Reports, logs and usage reports in accordance with Govt. policies
    The inbuilt storage facility to keep surfing logs for a period of 1 year along with search-ability made it easy to handle tracking. In depth reports of internet, user, pms, social and system gave Hycinth complete to monitor & troubleshoot.