Become Partner

Right from the beginning WiJungle has been highly partner centric. They are our market makers. Hence we are looking for partners all across the globe. Join our hands in the exponential success of the product.

Product Companies/Distributors/System Integrators can associate with us in two different ways.

A. Channel Partner Mechanism:
As a Channel Partner, companies can start selling the WiJungle product within a day.

Benefits -
1. Highest Channel Margins in the product segment.
2. Zero Investment is required.
3. Most affordable inclusive market price (no module wise pricing), hence increasing the product adaptability.
4. Best pre and post sales services to the customers, including online training to every customer.
5. In depth sales and technical training to each partner followed by an online test.
6. WiJungle is just not Firewall or AAA server or Hotel/Airport Solution. Its serves all.
7. Most innovation driven product with features like autofeature update via cloud and many others.

B. ODM Partner Mechanism:
Under ODM Mechanism, partners can establish and sell Firewall/Hotspot Gateway products under their brand name by keeping WiJungle as Original Design Manufacturer.

Benefits Provided -
1. All the technology development and bug-free OS launch will be taken care by WiJungle.
2. Personalised Marketing Material like appliance front label, datasheets, e-sales kit, training guide and demo platform will be made available to ODM Partners.
3. WiJungle will give relevant online sales/technical training to ODM Partner team for deployement and after support.